About On Cash Flow

On Cash Flow is a personal finance company focused on financial independence, and retiring early, also known as F.I.R.E. On Cash Flow is best known for creating helpful resources that answer financial independence-related questions that people might have. The best way to learn more about On Cash Flow content is on the YouTube Channel.Opens in a new tab.

On Cash Flow’s Mission

“We Provide Information On Financial Independence For Anyone Wanting To Join The FIRE Movement And Gain Financial Security”

OnCashFlow started as one man’s passion for personal finance. The company is based on values of frugality and maximizing value for every dollar earned, spent, and invested. Today it has become a way for other people who are interested in improving their personal finances to learn more about achieving financial independence.

Meet The Author:

Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith created On Cash Flow in order to share the information he has learned while seeking financial independence. He is a part of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) community and he wants to share all the knowledge he has gained while seeking FIRE himself. Zach knows that cash flow is the most important aspect of personal finance, especially for financial independence. Join Zach as he discusses various aspects of financial independence and how it could improve your own life.

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About Zachary Smith

I grew up relatively poor with a single mother working full time in the service industry. I didn’t have many material possessions, but my life was pretty great. Early on I had to find and do things that could make me happy while not spending a lot of money beyond covering my basic needs. This was probably why I grew up to be so frugal when I started making my own money.

My first real job started right after high school in 2012. I joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 before I graduated, and then shortly after turning 18, I attended Marine Corps boot camp at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego. The next 5 years of my life were spent on active duty.

During that time I married my high school sweetheart and she has been a vital part of my inspiration and motivation to keep working towards my goals. When I got my first paycheck from the Marines, I knew that I had to do something important with it.

I didn’t spend it all like most kids my age would, instead I taught myself how to save money, and how to invest money. I stumbled upon many great resources online and then delved deeper and deeper into investing topics. I first started by buying individual stocks, then actively managed mutual funds, but eventually, I settled on investing in index funds.

Index fund investing made the most sense to me since I didn’t want to spend endless hours monitoring the stock market and evaluating individual stocks. Passive investing just fits my personality very well, and I learned that most of the time it actually gives superior returns because of the tax advantages and super low fees.

I can’t say exactly when, but at some point in my young life, researching index investing led me to find Financial Independence, and Retiring Early (FIRE). As soon as I read about the topic I knew that it was for me. Not only because the thought of escaping work sounded ideal, but also because I knew that personal wealth is the ultimate financial security and freedom.

My only regret is not finding out about financial independence sooner. Ever since that faithful day I have tremendously deflated my lifestyle while still living a very prosperous life. I travel, I camp, I workout, I hike, I swim, I bike, I walk, I play games, I do all kinds of things that bring tremendous value to my life for very little cost. I also invest a substantial percentage of my income every month so that one day I can become financially independent.

I have made an incredible amount of progress towards my FIRE goal and it is inevitable that I will reach it soon. I am so grateful for having this opportunity in my life to achieve something so worth achieving. I set out to create On Cash Flow in hopes that I too could help spread the word of Financial Independence and how everyday people like you and I can realistically achieve it in a reasonable amount of time.

On Cash Flow Contributors:

Phoenix Wilkins

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Phoenix is a huge asset to On Cash Flow. She has contributed in many ways such as editing, writing, consulting, graphic design, and so much more.

She can easily be reached by following her YouTube channelOpens in a new tab. where she posts about all things related to Anime.

Team Beginners Passive Income

We are passionate about passive income and want to share our experience and research with you.

When we started learning about what passive income is a couple years ago, we found it very hard to find authentic, relatable content on the internet about making passive income. So many channels don’t go into details on how they make passive income and try to sell you $10k+ info-products to learn more. Hmm, wonder how they make passive income?  Others exaggerate the amount of money you can make so their videos more appealing. We just don’t relate to guys calling us “poor little bi****s” (there really is an ad that does this), standing next to Lamborghinis or walking around an office filming themselves. We just don’t.

Our favorite passive income blogs and channelsOpens in a new tab. offer high-quality content (e.g. blogs posts, courses, podcasts, guides, tips, etc.) with detailed, step-by-step information on how you can earn money from a passive income idea. The best channels are real about passive income. They don’t exaggerate the amount of money your idea can help you make or the time needed to generate that income passively. They offer honest and proven income estimates over reasonable periods of time so that you don’t get disappointed when your idea takes too long or generates low income passively. The best channels don’t aggressively sell you their own products either. They put value first. We want to be one of those blogs.